Solving womens' fashion problems...

Valèvé was born by the girls of Aria Creative International out of a desire to give all women the opportunity to step out in style and with confidence. We love solving ladies fashion problems with our range of Valèvé Secret Sleeves and Camisettes. And we love hearing wonderful stories from our customers about how much more confident and stylish they feel when they wear their Valèvé Secret Sleeves or Camisette. We'd love to hear you story, please contact us to share, and don't forget to visit us on Facebook.

First came Camisette...

The initial inspiration for the Valèvé Camisette came from a friend in need, following a mastectomy. We soon discovered a host of other girls out there who wanted the same solution to solve different problems. Feedback arrived not only from those who had breast or heart surgery scars to cover, but also professionals who loved the confidence of being able to lean forward and remain covered, menopausal women who loved the fact they didn't need extra layers, younger girls who could create a layered look in a snap!
Jill and Jane working in the Aria Creative International workshop
Jill and Christine supporting The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation
Onto Secret Sleeves...

Now there was no longer any need to add the extra bulk of a camisole or singlet, women felt free again. Soon they were telling us – you've solved the neckline problem, now can you please tackle the "no sleeves" issue?

So began the search for a solution to the sleeveless issue that is so prevalent in women's fashion today.Let's face it, many dresses look gorgeous without sleeves; if the designer were to add sleeves it just wouldn't look right. Plus the fact that it is technically difficult to design comfortable sleeves in many dresses, due to the wide variety of arms we women have.

We looked for a fabric that was not only lightweight but also soft on the skin and did not scratch or itch. It must be easy to wash, require no ironing and finally it would not be sweaty or smelly to wear. Oh yes! Plus one more thing, it had to be opaque enough to actually cover the arms, because after all that was the whole purpose of the garment. No point in being see-thru-sheer!

After much research, we found the perfect fabric from Italy and Valèvé Secret Sleeves were born. Designed to transform sleeveless garments in an instant, and to cover the upper arms with a featherweight layer that is comfortable and cool, but not revealing.

Again, it was soon apparent Valèvé Secret Sleeves solved a whole range of problems for women, from covering scars, freckles or tattoos, to cultural or religious needs, to the most common of all, hiding bingo arms. Great for travelling, and totally trans-seasonal, Secret Sleeves have been the perfect life saver for many women. Now you can enjoy Valèvé Secret Sleeves too!
We are continually on the lookout for new fashion solutions, so be please free to send in your feedback and also keep an eye out to see what we will bring you next.

A bit more on Aria Creative...

Aria Creative International has a long history in the textiles industry, including more than 20 years producing hand painted and dyed silk scarves. We continue to service the corporate and promotional market with custom orders of scarves and ties carefully matched to your uniform or brand colours, although these are now digitally produced, rather than hand painted. Custom made scarves also make delightful unique corporate gifts.

Quality pure silk fabric is available by the roll, ideal for digital printers or home dyeing.

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