What are people saying about Valèvé?

"Thank you for my new Camisette. I have had two for years, and misplaced my black mesh one recently, and at last, found you again and ordered one online. Such a relief as the Camisette is so so useful in our Aussie summers to make tops modest, without the extra full layer. Thanks heaps!"
- Kind regards, Lisa, in Oz

"Hi Jill. Thank you so much for organising my Camisette for me. A bit of a last minute panic for me as I have two dresses that I want to take to Hawaii this week and can only wear if I have a Camisette - an undertop is just too hot! It arrived this morning and what a lovely treat! I opened the courier bag to a wonderful Rose smell and gorgeous pink tissue paper. I unwrapped my little parcel smiling at your thoughtfulness. Well done you! Also I love your business card - who doesn't love looking at a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers!"
- Anna
"My Secret Sleeves turned up right on time
I tried them on ....I look DIVINE
Well, that is not quite true
But I will tell you
They hide the batwings that we get
As we get older, Oh what the heck
But thank you Aria, I've been burnt before
That was why I wasn't sure
Whether to go ahead and order sleeves
But I did as I believed
And I am glad that I tried
as now, I am well satisfied!"
- Pip, Auckland, NZ
"I love my Secret Sleeves…as for a bigger person it makes it so easy to wear sleeveless garments and the fabric looks so good as it is of good quality. Thank you!"
- Jill, Tauranga, NZ
"Package arrived next day - amazing!"
- a NZ customer
"Great service! I ordered at the weekend and the package was in my mail box by Friday - that's all the way to England!"
- JE, Yorkshire, UK
"I had breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy which left one side of my chest more hollow and I couldn't wear anything even remotely low cut. But the Camisette allowed me to. It was a little saving grace for me."
- Wendy, Southland, NZ
"Hi Jill, just letting you know that my replacement arrived today and I would like to say how awesome your service has been... probably the best online shopping service I have come across. Secret Sleeves are an amazing item to have - love them! Thanks also for the lovely wee gifts that are sent out with the orders and the first class packaging. Thank-you again."
- Cheers, Gaylene
"It has been wonderful to wear clothes to work that I would never have worn before – too revealing. This has almost doubled my wardrobe, so it is a great budgeting tip! I just love your Camisettes, they are wonderful."
- JC, Thames, NZ
"... I look forward to doing business with you again in the future, it's always such a pleasure to purchase from you!"
- DC, England
"I love the fabric of the Secret Sleeves. Even though you are wearing it close to your body, it doesn't get smelly! They are also so comfortable to wear, not restricting in any way."
- Karen, Mangawhai Heads, NZ
"In the chilly South my Secret Sleeves help me get more wear out of sleeveless tops by putting this extra layer underneath."
- EB, Balclutha, NZ

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