Camisette low neckline cover - Plain


Let the Camisette from Valèvé bring a whole new perspective to your wardrobe. Available in an extensive range of colours to mix and match with your wardrobe.

The Camisette's tabs with studs easily clip around bra straps to provide extra coverage underneath low tops or to provide another colour or layer to your outfit without wearing a whole extra layer.

  • Create a more professional appearance by stylish cover of low or revealing necklines
  • Avoid the need for extra and uncomfortable layers - ideal for summer and menopause
  • Conceal surgical scars and blemishes elegantly
Available sizes are:
Standard Size – finished size, 200mm across by 190mm deep, plus elastic tabs
Large Size – finished size, 230mm across by 230 mm deep, plus elastic tabs
Both size Camisettes have double studs on each elastic tab to enable the Camisette to be easily fastened around any width bra straps. This is important to enable you to fasten the Camisette firmly. We find it needs to be slightly stretched when wearing for the best fit.

Here's what some of you say about Valèvé Camisettes:
"I had breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy which left one side of my chest more hollow and I couldn't wear anything even remotely low cut. But the Camisette allowed me to. It was a little saving grace for me." Wendy, NZ

"Love love love my Camisettes! Not only do they take care of a low neckline (common short person problem) but they also stop straps from slipping. I have given these as gifts to family and friends with the same problems." CB, Australia
SKU: W197B

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